Tips for Using Microfiber Towel

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1. Pay attention to washing water degree
We do not recommend to wash towel using too high or cold water, 40 degree gentle machine wash is good. One more thing, avoiding dry cleaning.
2. Do not wash towels frequently
The correct time for laundering is to wash them after every third use. But if you live somewhere humid and hot, you still need to wash them frequently in void of bacteria growing.
3. Using baking soda
Using baking soda can help towels to keep softer cause it loosen up fibers and clean off any chemicals or grimeTypically, you just need to mix half cup of baking soda with normal detergent. In addition, it can eliminates musty odour of your towels.
4. Prepare more sets of towel
Prepare more sets of towel means each set is only used about every other week. In this case, making towel lasts longer than before.
5. Do not use too much detergent for washing
Every time you wash your towel, just pouring a little detergent into the washer would clean the towel. If the towel is absorbent, it will cling the excuse the suds. If you do not rinsed totally, leftover detergent will raise the mold and bacteria.

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