Benefits of microfiber towel for hair

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When we talk about the topic of “how to dry our hairs with towels”, most of us will think about the cotton towels. While according to celebrity hairstylist and author Monae Everett, it is the worst thing to use a traditional MICROFIBER TOWEL to dry out hair.
But using the microfiber towel can reduce this harm, cause microfiber towel can absorb the excess water and reduce frizz. Today, I want to introduce several benefits of using microfiber towel for your hair.
The first thing is that microfiber towel can absorb moisture faster than others. Because the surface of microfiber towel is around 100 times finer than a human hair, which creates a large surface than normal towel. For example, when you have finished washing your hair, and warp your hair with cotton traditional towel. After 30 minutes later, it still wet totally. But wrapping microfiber towel after washing hair, it typically takes 30 minutes will dry.
The second benefit is that using microfiber towel can reduce your blow-drying time. Because microfiber towel have strong water-absorbing ability, it causes less friction. This also leads to less breakage over time.
Finally, the microfiber towel has long lifetime than cotton towel which withstands up to around 500 washes. You can buy microfiber towel at our website. We provide many types like camping, beach and hunting towel which have colorful color and bright pattern. 

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